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Wood-N-You Like It

U Tube Videos on how to open your doors or change the combo


Old Fashioned Post Office Boxes

Brief video of actual mailboxes in a Virginia Post Office.  



Post Office Box Door - Resetting the Combination

This video shows how to change the combination on a Dual Dial door.  CAUTION,  If you try this, I would remove the door from your Bank by removing the three screws in the frame prior to changing the combination.



U.S post office box doors

Video showing different doors and how to arrange the combination wheels.  If you decide to take yours apart, I RECOMMEND you remove the door from the wood box, or at least remove the glass so you can open you door if needed.



My Vintage 1966 P.O Box Door Bank

Someone showing their 1966 Post Office Door Bank  (sorry, it was not one that i made)


How to Open Your Mailbox

College video showing the new students how to open their mailboxes.


If you purchased your bank from us, we have a copy of your combination, just send us an e-mail with the three or four digit number on the bottom of your bank.  If you did not purchase from us, most single dial door are similar to the one in the video above.