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Custom Childrens Stools ## 2019 order deadline 11-1

Custom made with your childs name


Each stool is custom crafted with your childs name. Each letter is removable.

(Brazilian Cherry with Pastel letters shown)

Two finish choices available, Brazilian Cherry or Natural


Choose from Brazilian Cherry which is our stock finish , or natural.  The wood blanks are Western Fir, so the natural finish will tend to have a light pink color to the wood.

Choose your color pallet for the letters


Traditionally, we use Primary colors for boys, and pastels for girls, but if you want, you can select your specific colors by letter, or all one color.

(Brazilain Cherry finish shown)

We use 100% Water Base, Safe Finishes


All of our Paints, Stains, and Finishes are 100% water based and safe.  We top coat your stool with 4 coats of  Professional Grade Polyurethane.

(Brazilain Cherry with Primary letters shown)

Give us a call to order your custom childs stool


Give us a call,

412-462-5956 or send us an e-mail

for pricing and to order your stool.  Each one is custom made and takes 4-6 weeks.

Shipping is available

Size and shipping information


Finished stools are about 8" Tall, 17" Long, and between 10" and 11" wide.

We can arrange pickup in the Pittsburgh market at no charge, or we can ship FEDEX ground.  Current shipping charges run about $18.00